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Newsletter Archive - 2017
Jan 2017
Archives – Archives – Archives??
hope all of you are off to a fantastic new 2017. All of us at Qdigitizing came back from the holiday break energized and ready to tackle an exciting new year. Read more
Feb 2017
Embroidery Fonts???
In the wonderful world of commercial embroidery there is a great deal of confusion surrounding what are commonly called, “fonts.” The most important thing to remember is...Read more
March 2017
Can I scale my embroidery designs???
Reprint from 2010 — This question remains the one of the top three questions I receive about embroidery digitizing and is worth of a reprint of this article.Read more
April 2017
Digitizing and Multi-Head Machines
While similar, digitizing for Multi-head embroidery machines can present its own unique set of challenges. However, one thing that is nice about evaluating a digitizing project....Read more
May 2017
Communicating your needs to your Digitizer
Greetings everyone, Cora’s corner is so good this month I am going to shamelessly borrow from her content as with minor adjustments it applies as much to your...Read more
June 2017
Download Your Designs 24/7/365?
Greetings everyone, I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic summer. Before I say anything else let me take a moment to thank each of you for making...Read more
July 2017
Embroidery Backings?
Embroidery backings come in many different weights, colors, textures and special features like adhesive or heat sensitive. While all of these backings are different they...Read more
August 2017
Let’s get back to Basics – Embroidery Tension?
Greetings from the Great Southwest…I hope my message finds all of you well as we prepare to enter the busy holiday season. Here at Qdigitizing things will be busy from now...Read more
Sep 2017
What is (or is not) Vector Art?
I think one of the biggest areas of confusion in the Apparel Decorating Industry is a clear definition of what Vector Art really is and how it is used to print on apparel. ...Read more
Oct 2017
Design Edits
The reality of commercial embroidery is such that digitized logos will often work perfectly in a test environment but when it comes to production the wheels will fall ...Read more
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