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Newsletter Archive - 2013
Selected Year
December 2013
From the desk of Steve!
It is hard to believe that the end of the year is right around the corner. All of us at QDigitizing would like to wish you a Happy New Year... Read more

November 2013
From the desk of Steve!
Every year Qdigitizing enters the prestigious Stitches Magazine digitizing competition, Golden Needle Awards...Read more

October 2013
From the desk of Steve!
Everybody’s Working for the weekend...
Greetings everyone.
It is hard to believe Halloween is right around the corner... Read more

September 2013
From the desk of Steve!
In our modern world it seems like more than ever “Time is Money” and speedy return of your designs is one of the most important factors our customers use to judge the quality of our service... Read more

August 2013
From the desk of Steve!
Reprinted with Permission from Stitches Magazine -Published Aug 2013 Written by Steven Freeman... Read more

July 2013
Common Embroidery Problems NOT related to Digitizing
One of the touchiest subjects a digitizer will confront is quality issues believed to be caused by poor digitizing that are in fact not related to digitizing at all. This is a touchy subject because a digitizer does not want to give the impression they are passing a problem to a customer... Read more

June 2013
From the desk of Steve!
Summer is officially here in Phoenix and it is HOT! I find the older I get the hotter 110 degrees feels. These days you will find me holed up in my office avoiding the outside like the Wicked Witch of West avoids a bucket of water. Now would be a really good time to catch me if you want to call in and talk digitizing...Read more

May 2013
Greetings Everyone,
This has been an exciting year so far for Qdigitizing. It is hard to believe summer is almost upon us. It seems like 15 minutes ago I was wishing you all a Happy New Year.Thanks to each of you our market position remains strong...Read more
April 2013
Taking the Plunge – Home Embroidery Business to Store Front
Reprinted from Stitches Magazine – Written By Steve Freeman
First you outgrew that extra bedroom, and then your dining room. Now your home is bursting at the seams from your success as a “stay-at-home” embroidery professional...Read more

March 2013
From the desk of Steve!
Reprinted with permission from Stitches Magazine, Feb 2009 - Written by Steven Freeman.
Back in the late ’80s to mid-’90s, embroidery digitizing was enjoying its heyday in the United States...Read more

Feb 2013
It is hard to believe we are already halfway through February. Here in Phoenix the trees are already starting to turn green again and in just a few weeks things will start getting very busy again...Read more

Jan 2013
We hope we got to Meet you at ISS or ASI Shows!
I am freshly back from the ASI Orlando and ISS Long Beach industry trade shows. We had a great time and we hope you did as well. I would say between the two shows we were able to put faces to about 50 of you who usually only get to speak with us on the phone or by email...Read more