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2012 - Full Programming Price List
Download this file to review our pricing and delivery policies.
Standard Left Chest/Hat Digitizing = $25
All designs which will fit inside a 6" circle regardless of stitch count.
*Standard Jacket Back Digitizing = $75
All designs larger than 6" regardless of stitch count.
Simple Vector Art = $15
Defined as "line art" no half tones or raster image processing with decent quality base art.
Complex Art = $25
Defined as art which may have multiple effects like shading, half tones and raster images.
Super Complex Art = Quoted on an individual basis.
Super Complex Art projects are quoted on an individual basis. You will receive a quote before we start.
Digitizing Hat/Chest Combo Order = $30
Digitizing Hat/Simple Art Combo Order = $35
Digitizing Back/Chest (or hat) Combo Order = $85
Digitizing Back/Chest/Hat Combo Order = $95
Quality Edits are always done at NO CHARGE!
Change to Art Edits = $10.
(This includes size changes when customer requests we change the size of a design originally specified or no size is provided and Qdigitizing must "guess" at the desired size.)
Stitch count quotes are provided within 24 hours of submission at no charge. Finished design may vary significantly based on the final instructions issued at production but we always do our best to stay within 20% of the quoted total. It is very important you provide the size required for the design and what it will be embroidered on.
Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy with your design we will be happy to deduct the charge from your bill.
Turn Time For Edits
We will do our best to return all quality edits within 4 hours. However, it should be understood we cannot guarantee this because a great deal depends on what is required of the edit and the amount of time required to resample. Edits where you are making changes to the original order may require next day delivery and must be reviewed on a case by case basis.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Payment Terms/Terms of Service
When your first order is complete Qdigitizing will contact you to obtain your billing and payment information. This information will be stored on our banks secure server. We will then process your payment and send you your files. We do not store your credit card information on our web site.
Once your account has been validated and your first order has been paid for your designs are sent to you immediately upon completion and we will only invoice you once a month for any work done in the prior month. If all is OK with your bill no further action is required and we will bill your credit card in three (3) business days. If there is a problem with your invoice simply call or email customer service and we will take care of any billing issues before we charge your card. It should be noted Qdigitizing is not a subscription service. If you do not do any work in a thirty (30) day period you will not receive an invoice.
*Qdigitizing understands there are some occasions where design will exceed 6" but should not be charged a full $75 Jacket Back Charge. However, our automated billing cannot make such determinations. If a customer feels a design is very simple but exceeds the 6" restriction they should call customer service to request a price review.
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