QDigitizing FAQ

You can place your order on our website using the Order Form. You need to register with us. You also have an option E-mailing us the orders at service@qdigitizing.com

You can click on Quotes in the main menu or you can Click Here. We do not charge for providing quotes, the estimates will be sent to you by email within 2 (two) business days.

Embroidery Designs that will fit inside a 6" circle are returned next business day. Jacket Back Embroidery and Complex Art is returned in two business days.

Yes, you can Click Here to visit our design gallery. Please download sample designs from our web site for free. They are in Tajima. dst format. They can be run on your machine to check the quality.

We can read all of the following formats: jpeg, tif, gif, pcx, jpg, cdr, cpt, ai, eps, pdf, wmf, pct or pict, bmp. These are the most common formats, but if you have a format not listed here send it anyway we are pretty good at this. Our favorite is the jpg format. It is generic and can be saved / exported by just about every piece of software available. If you can't send a jpg and are sending a graphic with the font active, please change the text to curves. Otherwise if our system does not have the font (we don't own every one of them out there) it will substitute a closest match. We can fix this, but it is much easier with the text as curves.

Tajima DST, Melco .ofm, Melco cnd, Wilcom EMB, Ethos ISI, Wings MLS, Barudan FMC, Melco DOS EXP, Compucon (.ref), Pulse (.pof) Toyota, Pfaff, and ZSK, cnd, fdr, dst, 100, t09, ksm, bar, 0oo, dsz, .pes.

You will receive your files by email. You can also log on to our website & download the designs yourself.

After you log in, you will get to the order list. In this list, you can open the order that you're looking for & click on the download button for the file you wish to download.

You would need to simply first fill out a registration form if you are a New Customer.

You could then either place your order on our website or just email us the order at service@qdigitizing.com

You would be requested to fill in your credit card details at the time of placing your first order. We would then send you an invoice statement at the end of each month and if the amount is confirmed by yourself(within 2 days), we shall then charge your card on file.

We shall also send out a Monthly Invoice statement in an html as well as a .csv file format with all the Design Information of the Logos digitized including the Name, Stitch Count, the Date of completion.

We accept payment through Orbital Gateway, a part of PaymentTech. Paymentech provides secure and reliable payment solutions, and handles all processing data in strict confidence.

Please contact our customer service at service@qdigitizing.com

Yes, we provide free estimates within 24 hours. You can go to the Quotes section in the main menu

We will do our best to return all quality edits within 4 hours. However, it should be understood we cannot guarantee this because a great deal depends on what is required of the edit and the amount of time required to resample. Edits where you are making changes to the original order may require next day delivery and must be reviewed on a case by case basis.

We digitize your designs keeping the final production in mind. For instance, if we know that you will be putting a particular design on a ready cap, we digitize it using the "center-out" method to ensure perfect reproduction. We use a two stage system that checks all the possible defects that can occur in color changes, trims, densities or as per your requirements.

Yes, we sew out each design (maybe even twice) till we are convinced of its smooth run on the machine before we send the digitized file to you.

Our site supports Internet Explorer 6 and above , Netscape 4.7 and above, Chrome, Firefox etc.