When it comes to experience and quality, no provider of vector artwork and image editing can compare to Qdigitizing. We have spent years perfecting our artist training and provide these services to some of the largest and best-known suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry. Count on us for:

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Defined as "line art" no half tones or raster image processing with decent quality base art.


Defined as art which may have multiple effects like shading, half tones and raster images.

Super Complex

Super Complex Art projects are quoted on an individual basis. You will receive a quote before we start.

Basic Guidelines For Setting Up Artwork

Pixels are individual blocks of unique colours placed together to make up a raster image. Pixel-based images can come from a digital camera, scanner, or downloaded from the internet.

Individual components of these images cannot be separated or altered, and resolution diminishes when enlarged. While an image may look fine distorted when the size is increased.

If an image is enlarged and it gets blurry or you can see the individual blocks of colour, it is a raster image.

Raster images commonly have the file extensions: .bmp, .jpg, .png or .tiff.

Nodes are the points in computer drawn lines that make up a vector image. Lines can be curved or straight, and make any shape that is desired. Node-based images are usually created in a graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator & Corel Draw.

Individual components of these drawn images can be separated, colours can be changed, and the size can be increased with no loss of resolution.

A vector image can only be truly manipulated in a vector graphic program. If you are given a file with a graphics program extension, it must be checked to make sure it is true vector art. For example, a bitmap can be saved as a graphic file, but when it is opened it is not vector art, it’s still a bitmap inside the file.

Common examples of vector images have the file extensions .eps, .ai, .cdr and .pdf.



Both images look identical at this size. Note the circle area on the smiley face.



The circle area on the raster image has increased by 1000% which results in poor resolution.


The circle area on the vector image has increased by 1000% and caused no change in resolution.

Artwork is generally set up in a 2:1 size ratio. Small items like lapel pins are set up in a 3:1 ratio.

Download Test Design

Size: H - 15.95 W - 7.62 cm
Formats: .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .PSD, .JPEG
Download: .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .PSD, .JPEG

Size: H - 9.53 W - 12.70 cm
Formats: .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .PSD, .JPEG
Download: .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .PSD, .JPEG

Size: H - 11.43 W - 12.70 cm
Formats: .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .PSD, .JPEG
Download: .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .PSD, .JPEG