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QDigitizing designs and manufactures the highest quality custom emblems using only the highest quality materials the industry has to offer. Our Custom Emblems can be used for any number of applications including: First Response Uniforms, Apparel, Headwear, Martial Arts, Organized Sports, Corporate Awareness, Brand Identity, Award and Recognition as well as any number of other uses. Our low cost and high attention to detail ensure complete satisfaction or you don’t pay.

QDigitizing employs a team of more than 150 skilled artisans to create your emblems based on your art requirements and our years of award winning, design experience. An image of your sample product will be emailed to you within a couple of business days for your approval. Once your Emblem has been approved for quality and accuracy of content we will manufacture and ship your completed order within ten business days for Emblems. We are confident our USA based customer service will combine the highest quality product and a no questions asked 100% product guarantee.

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